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Oh yes – there are much more exciting things in bed than fine ribbed cotton undies. Our MasturbaTIN Ribbed Rita for example. She does tease with a fine ribbed structure, but she keeps it save and hidden. You might not see those striking ribs of hers, but you’ll feel them even more so, when your little member rises above himself inside of that super soft power pussy. Everything in there feels so natural you will forget the world around you.

Honestly, our MasturbaTIN pocket pussy Ribbed Rita and her lovely sisters Swirl Girl and Dotty Dora really can take quite a lot. Still, when you take your favourite pussy out of the box be gentle as it is made of gorgeously soft TPE material. Then take out the protective stopper, which pre-stretches MasturbaTIN Dotty Dora wonderfully and keeps it ready at all times. Sudden headaches, her period again or just not feeling like it, all this never happens to her. First splash a little of the enclosed lubricant into it to loosen it up, then it slips all the better when immersed deeply. So, swing your willie and show her that you’re not a pussy yourself.

For repeat offenders
Actually, MasturbaTIN Ribbed Rita is only out for one one-night stands. Handled with care, she is also ready for a second or third ride. Only when she is completely wasted is it time for a new MasturbaTIN pocket pussy. Still in good shape? Clean and disinfect the wetlands with water and mild suds and let them dry well. Insider tip: If you powder it properly with our new care powder “Virgin Wonder”, it will retain its virgin velvety finish. Put the protective stopper back in, put the lid on and back into the funny, stylish packaging until the next time. By the way: As the real thing she is, MasturbaTIN Ribbed Rita is an ideal present. After all, a merry MasturbaTIN “coochie in a can” is much better than canned beer

Extended benefits
– Type: Coochie in a can
– Diameter outside 4,5 cm
– Diameter inside 1,4 cm
– Made of 100 % medical and highly elastic TPE
– Colour White
– Protective stopper included
– Lubricant included
– Comes in a funny, stylish package
– 12-month warranty except wear and tear
– Striking dot structure on the inside for a powerful experience
– Super soft material for a special authentic feeling
– The material is body-safe and hygienic at the same time.
– Funny, beautiful packaging – also ideal as a gift
– Lubricant included